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Cinder, Aggregate, Soil Products & Ready Mix Concrete In Kona & Hilo, Hawaii (HI)

We are proud to offer quality products combined with outstanding service to help you achieve your commercial and residential goals.

Need help choosing the right product for your needs? Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions.

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Direct delivery to your job site is available islandwide, please call our office delivery times and pricing.

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Lightweight volcanic material used for landscaping, building, and agricultural mediums. Different sizes are produced through the screening process, generating cinders ranging in sizes from 6″ to 1/8″.

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Ready-Mix Concrete

Whether you are embarking on a minor home project or a large commercial endeavor, Kilohana Concrete has a Ready-Mix concrete to accommodate your particular need.

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Mined of blue rock, aggregates are available in sizes as large as boulders and as small as sand. Aggregates are used for foundations, driveways, fill, rockwalls, concrete, cushions, septic systems, landscaping, etc.

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We also provide sterilized cinder to those needing to send cinder outside of Hawaii. The cinder is steamed for 3 hours to kill all nematodes which may reside in the cinder.

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Custom Mixes

Custom mixes are available upon request. This includes the addition of dolomite, coco, peat, etc. or creating a cindersoil mix to customize your cinder to fit your needs.

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Cindersoil Mixes

Cinder mixed with dirt is a great way to get started on that vegetable garden or lawn that you’ve been dreaming about. The cindersoil mixes are made with a 60% cinder 40% dirt ratio. The added cinder to the soil allows for better drainage and aeration.

Product Offerings by Location

Please call the office to confirm current availability.

Kapoho Quarry

6″ minus red
2 1/2″ minus red
1 1/2″ minus red
1 1/2″ clean red
3/4″ clean red
3/8″ minus red
1/8″ minus red

Leilani Quarry

1 1/2″ minus black
1″ minus black
1″ clean black
5/8″ clean black
3/8″ minus black

Opihikao Quarry

1-2 man rock
6″ minus rock
2 1/2″ permeable base
2 1/2″ base course
1 1/2″ drain rock
1 1/2″ base course
3/4″ clean rock
3/4″ base course
#8 chips
#4 sand

Dirt Quarry